Below is a table comparing the calories lost playing different sports. Load up on protein Baked pumpkin seeds, or pepitas, make a nutritious snack Click the image below to check them out on Amazon! When one thinks of squash, the followers of this sport typically remember the domination of Egypt and the oft-asked question is why is Egypt that good in squash? The sport, after all, is a good way to get in touch with fellow squash lovers, in turn forming a community and leading to a bond between players at, say, your club. and the racket sports. Health Benefits of Winter Squash What's comfier than a warm bowl of squash soup in winter? 70 kg weight in 1 hour). Both types of fiber are needed for an optimally functioning digestive tract. Playing and being good at a sport is a solid way to increase one’s self-confidence. Very wrong. Boosts immunity You need to have a strong immune system to ensure that you can stave off illness and keep in good health as much as possible. Learn all about butternut squash nutrition and the health benefits, plus four delicious fall recipes that you can make with butternut squash. The antioxidants in squash can play an important role … There are many modified game types and various equipment can be used to suit every size and skill level, enabling squash to played as either a leisure or competitive sport. Squash is one of the most versatile and delicious foods available throughout the world, and it packs a serious punch in terms of health and medicinal benefits. Though it many not be a very popular sport in North America, squash has acquired popularity as a sport worldwide. Check out this post which is one of the most popular of all time. Why is Playing Squash with a Tennis Racket a Strict No-No? An active social life is a must for one’s mental well-being as was also seen during the coronavirus pandemic. Clearly we have a winner here in the form of squash! 7 Amazing Benefits of Squash Seeds by Vanya Sharma last updated - July 01, 2020 Evidence Based Squash seeds are one of the most nutritionally rich vegetable by-products out there, having a high content of unsaturated fat, protein , folate, beta carotene, vitamin C , vitamin B1 , fiber , iron , calcium , and potassium . They are: Let’s look at each of aforementioned benefit in further detail. … Strategy plays a decent role as well in squash, and that allows you to improve your mental health. It is a game that can be played at any age and is easy to learn. Playing racket sports has multiple benefits associated with it and while squash is one of the tougher sports to play, the multiple benefits of playing squash have often been chronicled by doctors. To give you a perspective, walking helps lose 120 calories, playing badminton loses less than 150 calories, playing tennis helps lose 200 calories and even swimming loses around 330 calories in that same time. According to, you can lose 400-500 calories with just 30 minutes of playing squash depending on how much you weight. Your intro “Though it many not be a very popular sport in North America” is wrong. It helps in getting that heart go quicker, pumping more blood to the rest of the body and increase the oxygen supply as well. […]. When it comes to butternut squash health benefits, fiber is a standout star. 21 health benefits of yellow squash that are good for the eyes, skins, losing some weights, prevent some cancer, and dangerous diseases. Tweet at However, it needs the players to impose a lot of strength in a bid to get it going, especially at the start of the game or else the lack of bounce makes it tougher to play, especially at the highest level. Having said that, let’s now look at why should people look to play squash if they can. The nutritional value of butternut squash is extremely amazing. And while squash can leave you sore if you aren’t properly warmed up, with the right guidance it can go a long way in getting your body nimble. There are occasions when squash players need to dive to get to the ball as well. An indoor sport which requires the use of racquets, squash is played by two or four players in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. Squash balls have to be warmed up before they start to bounce their optimum levels. You've only seen one page. And because squash is that competitive and can be played without weather or seasonal interruption, it helps set a regular routine for players at every level. The health benefits of butternut squash include preventing constipation, improving eyesight, keeping the bones strong, protecting the skin, boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, managing diabetes, supporting good lung health, etc. We endeavour to look at the reasons... 'Citius, Altius, Fortius' - the motto of the Olympic Games symbolizes the triumph of human spirit and perseverance over adversities. It also helps prevent inflammatory conditions, relieves symptoms of arthritis, eliminates ulcers, eliminates parasites … Below we have dug deeper and mentioned the reasons why you should look at playing squash if you are aiming at fitness as one of your goals. Squash has even been recognized as the number one health and fitness sport. Spaghetti squash seeds are also an excellent source of dietary fiber and mono-unsaturated fatty acids, protein, minerals and health-benefiting vitamins. With age, our hand-eye coordination begins to lower and playing squash – or any other racket sport – is a great way to remain on top of that for years. It is a game that can be played at any age and is easy to learn. Squash is a fast-moving sport and is an excellent cardiovascular workout. Even played at a recreational level, squash can get quite competitive and tough. Butternut squash is high in potassium, which can help keep your blood pressure in check. 25 Simple Tips to Improve as a Squash Beginner, How to Improve Squash by Practicing in Pairs, Squash Training Drills for Beginners: An Exhaustive Guide. Here are eight health benefits of this versatile vegetable. It is this constant and consistent racket-swinging which immensely help develop your hand and arm muscles. If you’ve ever successfully grown squash in your garden, you probably know the meaning of the word “abundance.” But even if you’re a squash lover, there are likely dozens of varieties you’ve never tried. A squash ball (read more about it here) is hollow and made of a material that allows it to get warmer and play quicker with time. And the reason for that is simple. May Help Maintain Eye Health Butternut squash contains beta-carotene, a type of Which nutrition and health benefits of butternut Squash’s health benefits aren’t just restricted to its physical ones. 10 Reasons to Drink 3 Liters of Water a Day (101... Top 10 Best Ab Exercises with No Equipment. The vegetable is high in vitamins A, B6, and C, folate, magnesium, fiber, … Squash is also a great way to improve social skills. I am the editor of Racket Sports World. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), 10 Fun Family Activities to Increasing Bond During Quarantine, 10 Healthy Festive Holiday Snacks That Your Kids Will Love, 10 Ways to Make Your Holidays Sustainable, Building a Full Workout Outfit with Lululemon Dupes from Amazon, 10 Amazon Items for your Healthy Holiday Gift Wish List, Top 10 Health Benefits of Cross-Country Skiing, 13 Health and Fitness Amazon Gift Items for Everyone’s Christmas List, 10 Covid-Safe Activities for the Holiday Season, 10 exercise games to do with kids at home, Top 10 Health Benefits of Treasure Hunting, Top 10 Health Benefits of Playing Squash | chgoo, Seattle Squash Open 2016 – Live Coverage | Imran's Blog. Fiber also helps the good bacteria in the gut, known as probiotic bacteria, thrive. 2. Squash, as a sport, is a lot about its physical aspects, but there are mental aspects to it as well. There are multiple health benefits associated with playing squash. The other advantage of playing squash is since it’s an indoor sport it can be played all year around. It can slow down the absorption of foods, preventing your blood sugar from rapidly spiking, explains Leininger. That, in turn, helps improve your hand-eye coordination. Ask any health or weight-loss expert about squash and their eyes light up. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Bottom Line The yellow squash is undoubtedly a tasty and healthy choice to be a part of your diet. Yellow squash is well-known as pumpkin and one of the fruits belonging to the Cucurbitaceae That implies at different times during a game, a squash ball could bounce differently, and as a result, it forces players to focus more than usual on it. Six Benefits of eating Gem Squash January 30, 2014 , de , Comments Off on Six Benefits of eating Gem Squash Gem Squash scientifically known as Cucurbita Pepo is considered as the world’s oldest vegetation as evidence indicated that the first cultivation dates back to the Mesoamerican age. Keep scrolling to find out the health benefits of playing squash. Boosts Immune System and Reduces Inflammation Aren’t you glad butternut squash contains so much beta-carotene? link to Why is Squash Not an Olympics Sport? That being said, for most, squash is a great form of cardiovascular improvement. The amount of running, stopping, bending, changing directions, not to mention expending energy to get to the ball and attempt to return it all adds up to a serious cardiovascular workout. On the other hand, the constant running and changing directions is an excellent builder of stamina and strength for the lower part of the body, including calves and thighs. Other Health Benefits Squash’s health benefits aren’t just restricted to its physical ones. In turn, this helps you lose weight in a very healthy manner. Kids can set themselves for, say, three days a week of squash and shuffle the remaining days with a seasonal sport and the more professional players can do the same more regularly without any major obstacle. We have lots more on the site to show you. Any food that can add to the strength of your immunity is a blessing. Add it to stews, salads and soups to avail yourself of this nutritious vegetable. Squash are naturally rich in fiber, vitamin A, magnesium, vitamin C, and potassium, and when prepared into a soup these nutrients are not lost. Moreover, it contains high levels of vitamin C, which fights free radicals within the body, thus Winter squash is a rich source: One cup (250 mL) of hubbard squash, for instance, provides about 16 percent of what you need each day. (*by someone of approx. 4. The continuous social distancing imposed by the pandemic led to psychological issues among some people which is a stark indicator about how important the role of the society and social life is. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Squash has even been recognized as the number one health and fitness sport. Vitamin C is one of the strongest antioxidants there is. HFR is an extremely motivated movement of people who want to create a healthier and fitter world The USA has more than 1.2 million squash players, making it the number one squash nation in the world in terms of participation. An indoor sport which requires the use of racquets, squash is played by two or four players in a four-walled court with a small, hollow rubber ball. I love my tennis, pickleball and most of the other racket sports played around the world and started this blog as my way to help other racquet sports fans even as I learn, explore and improve by connecting with them. Even as a beginner, while you would use different types of balls which bounce more than at the highest level, it needs you to unleash a lot of force to get things moving. While squash is a vigorous sport, it has multiple physical and mental benefits associated with playing it. Different varieties of squash have the ability to improve vision, aid in skin care, strengthen the immune system, prevent cancer, manage symptoms of diabetes, build strong bones, protect heart health, and reduce the symptoms of insomnia. In both diabetic humans and animal models, winter squash powder has a blood sugar-lowering effect, along with the ability to reduce triglycerides and total cholesterol. Squash amazing health benefits includes providing nutrition to the body, boosting immune system, managing diabetes, fighting inflammation, fighting infections, supporting healthy lungs, treating neural defects, support healthy vision, prevents anemia, improves bone density, and supports digestion. The many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in squash provide several health benefits. It has all the essential compounds as well as nutrients to keep a human fit and healthy. Follow us for our exhaustive information on most things racket sports as we look at equipment, rules, players, courts and reviews for a plethora of racket sports. Yellow squash is rich in nutritional benefits and can be used in a wide variety of dishes. Butternut squash is an excellent source of provitamin A carotenoids, vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and manganese. Health Benefits of Winter Squash Research has shown a number of health benefits associated with squash. Learn more about the types of winter squash and their health benefits. Here are the Top 10 from Health Fitness Revolution and author of the book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic: You might need some things before playing squash. Before we jump into this, it must be quickly added here, please ensure you do not have any kind of pre-existing, heart-related illnesses. Managing your blood pressure can reduce your risk for stroke … 6. Butternut squash is for… This is true for most sports but even more so for squash because of the nature of the ball in use. Do give this a read before you actually start playing squash. This inculcates a sense of discipline among those playing it. Nutritional benefits of butternut squash The butternut squash is a great source of fibre, as well as vitamins including A, C, E and B vitamins along with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Squash: it’s a racquet game, an unfortunate fate for a bug, and one of nature’s most varied, delicious, and generous foods. These three Greek words which are synonymous with the Olympic... We love our rackets (or racquets if you please!) Top 10 Benefits of Racquetball, Cricket, Handball, Volleyball, Ping Pong, Badminton and Tennis, […] Source: […], […] Top health benefits of playing squash  […], […] Top 10 Health Benefits of Playing Squash. Three hours a week of squash is enough exercise to ensure the body remains loose and flexible. The game that is played with a ball and racket by either two (Singles) or four players (double squash) as per need, doesn’t only help to pass the time, but also maintains the mental and physical health of One of the essential benefits of squash includes protection against the damaging effects of sun exposure and preventing dehydration. Three tablespoons of cooked butternut squash counts as one of your five-a-day. Some sports like tennis or cricket cannot be played in the winters or rains but squash is immune to weather changes, and whatever time of the year, you don’t have to worry about checking with the weather-man before a friendly game of squash. Explore the family of squash, and enjoy the excellent benefits of squash for various health purposes. The health benefits Winter squash is a wonderful source of vitamin A, which is important for good vision and immune function. In addition to this, squash contains high content if vitamin C, which may fight against free radicals in the body, hence preventing signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation. Samir Becic, 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the world and HFR’s “Top 10 Benefits of Playing Squash”: Develops agility – Leaping, spinning, stopping, bending, jumping, sprinting and running are just some of the moves the body has to make in a game of squash. Other minerals and antioxidants such as magnesium, potassium, and copper hel… ... Pumpkin recipes may be all you see each fall, but there are over a dozen varieties of of delicious and nutrient dense winter squash to … In fact, as you grow into squash and have come close to mastering those physical factors, a lot of squash is mental. As mentioned earlier, squash needs the players to run, stop bend and change directions, and that improves your agility as compared to someone not playing any sport. Also known as summer squash, yellow varieties of squash provide numerous health benefits. Squash is a vigorous sport, as you would see from the benefits mentioned below but we would also ask you to take advice from your family or local doctor before you play any kind of such sports including squash. Yellow squash is a healthy option, but its high potassium content suggests that we consume it in moderation. Squashes also supply antioxidant vitamin C, blood pressure-lowering potassium, and plenty of fiber. Butternut Squash Veggie Chips These veggie chips are a perfect snack to make for a movie night, or when you're in the mood to indulge but not in the mood for extra calories. Beneficial for our skin and eyes Its vitamin A and beta carotene content help maintain the integrity of skin and mucous membranes and are important for healthy eyesight, as well. There are many modified game types and various equipment can be used to suit every size and skill level, enabling squash to played as either a leisure or competitive sport. Contact us at