(Pic 1) Next, remove anything from the car that you can, this will help avoid the possibility of getting paint on things you don't want it on. Has anyone here installed an oil catch can on their vehicle? I need to find a way to easily remove the rattle can paint from window rubber, anyone have any ideas? Primer spray paint - 1 Can = $4.99 I would wait one full day before washing or waxing the paint though to be safe. With a brush you can get a smoother finish with a roller you will get orange peel. USC SprayMax 2K Glamour High Gloss Aerosol Clear. 4" High density foam brushes - 7 ea. Ideal Uses: metal, OEM clear coat, glass and more! Oh, and what make vehicle. So what. Use matte paint! ft. Rust preventive for a long-lasting finish; Clean up with mineral spirits However, I am a lazy SOB and would like to not have to sand too much. Make your vehicle look new with Rust-Oleum Automotive. Rather than have a "professional" respray my car I decided to tackle it myself. For and even glossier finish, top-coat with Rust-Oleum high performance wheel clear coat; Gloss clear finish, dries to the touch in 10 minutes; 12 oz. It can make for a real mess. Would you recommend a primer coat of white or black to ensure the original color doesn't distort the new? did you use the automotive paint? It really looks great. Once all of your materials are in line you can begin the paint prep process. What 's so different about using a brush or roller. There are deep body lines between the roof and the rest of the car making it easy for me to paint it as a "separate piece".As I begin to explain the painting technique, you will see why it is important to keep applying paint to the car in some sort of order. How is an EFI to Carburetor generally conversion done? On a professionally built show car? I re-did the car a few years ago in matte white and it was DOPE. Many automotive paints/clearcoats will react with the oil in the rustoleum paint. I feel very proud of what I have accomplished here as well which is one of the more rewarding aspects of the entire project. Move down to 400 grit if you have a problem area. The paint will have its own gloss to it as it is natural to the Rustoleum paint. = $5.67 As you can see the final result yielded some brush strokes. The key here is in the technique. Make sure to use high density foam brushes as they will hold the paint very well and help to eliminate residual brush strokes. Too thick and it will take longer to dry then we want. I will have a new and improved one up soon! That would be the only way to keep the paint clean and looking good really. My sons helped me with a black 720 king cab. I cannot guarantee that it will work this well for you. But if you wanted to not use a primer coat you'd more than likely need additional coats of color to cover up the prior paint. You might need more, you might need less depending on the scope of your project. Item Quantity Total Cost Rustoleum high gloss white paint - 3 Quarts = $23.61 Odorless mineral spirits - 3 Quarts = $17.97 Primer spray paint - 1 Can = $4.99 4" High density foam brushes - 7 ea. I say few because the amount of coats will vary on a few factors. on Introduction, Reply You don't need to sand it because it's not fully cured and the clear coat … Yes, you can see some brush strokes if you look hard enough. Re: Rust-Oleum spray paint job.... Rust oleum also sales an oil based paint that you spray with an automotive style spray gun that provides awesome results. 1 year ago. You too? That is about as bad as any of the spots where you can see the brush strokes. Tip However, he did finish his paint job with some heavy sanding and a polish. Pour some of your well mixed paint into a paint tray and let's get started. I have also seen people use a sprayer with Rustoleum providing excellent results as well, but then you get into dealing with the overspray, needing a sprayer and somewhere to do it. Plus Rick, the gentleman who did the $50 paint job write up, posted pictures of his car at 4 months, 8 months and a year after his paint job was complete. Sandpaper - 2 packs = $9.50 champ regrets 'insensitive' tweets, NFL coach explains how decision to cut QB went down, Strong early turnout in Ga. runoffs puts GOP on edge, The year in Meghan Markle: A royal exit, activism and loss, Small Colorado town confronts coronavirus variant. Aerosol or rattle-can paint gets a bad rap from the collector car cadre. BUT, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. The acrylic lacquer basecoat formulation of Rust-Oleum Automotive Autobody Paint pairs with its accompanying primer and clear coat to provide a polished finish worth savoring. BUT, it takes a lot of sanding work to get it right. Now I'm your typical college kid (lacking money), so I decided I wanted to fix the paint, but I'm just using rustoleum oil based paint thinned down by acetone. 9 years ago Sure! Odorless mineral spirits - 3 Quarts = $17.97 Living in a townhouse community I was a little shy on space, but I was able to make it work. If you pass four coats after your first session of sanding, you will want to give another quick sanding session to the paint before moving on. If anything touched it at all it left behind dirt or grease. Painter's tape - 1 Roll = $5.84 My rebuttle...? 2" High density foam brushes - 7 ea. I put it through... Be sure to use a rustoleum clear coat. Reply Answer ? Whether it's automotive priming, painting or removing old paint, Rust-Oleum Automotive has your solution. (Pic 4). Spread the paint out a bit to cover the area you are working on. Hope this helps I know it's a little late lol. I guess I can let the final pictures speak for themselves. No, this is not the end all method to painting your car. Moving on to the next section make sure to spread a little bit of new paint over the edge of the area you just painted to ensure smooth even coverage. What about the $500 car you just bought for your son or daughter? As you move through the project, make sure to take a look back frequently to areas you have just painted to look for any drips or sagging areas. Three quarts of Rustoleum gloss white. Still have questions? Thanks, let it harden for a few weeks then rub it lightly with 800grit wet and dry to take any rough spots and gloss off it. Wet sanding makes the surfaces smoother. It's not my write up but I paint cars and motorcycles. This will help make sure you have a nice even looking finished product. Car looks great, btw. They use cheap(ish) materials, though corparite buys in bulk, so they still do not pay as much as small shops. Dark paint dark primer light paint light primer. Once the base coat is smooth and clean, start spraying on about three to four layers of clear coat. Most people work those hours. 2. Now that I have painted the entire car, I think I could paint one damaged area rather quickly... even the whole car again if needed. Once the paint is totally sanded smooth, polish the car with a power spin buffer and the gleam will come back but be smooth as butter. I will be posting a large update on the project, the paint's condition and some more paint work I have done soon. Share it with us! I’ve since done a lot more research and although I probably should have gone your way and saved some money, I have bought all my paint already and am doing primer, paint and enamel sealer. First and foremost, you need a large, clean area to do the paint work in. You want it nice and runny, but with a little body still. I could see this making a great Father / Son project on the boy's first car. The side mirrors I painted as well so having them off of the car made that a lot easier. If I clear coated too soon after color I got an instant wrinkle finish which required a complete do over. Feel free to wax the paint to help bring out some extra shine. You don't want to electric sand because you can't control the depth of the sand and you always want to sand in one direction. 3 years ago. Here is a quick breakdown of how I went about painting my car: Started with the top of the car, passenger side then moved to the driver's side - passenger side of the hood - then the driver's side of the hood - back to the passenger fender - passenger side of the car until I got to the door - up the small strip of door across the top of the door and back down the the rear fender's top - back to the front of the side of the car all the way back to the rear of the passenger side - trunk lid and spoiler - driver's side rear fender till the door - up the door trim again to the front of the car - back to the rear of the driver's side and forward to the fender - driver's fender and done! on Step 5. Start at about 800 or 1000 and move to 1500, then even 2000 or 2500. 4 years ago. Now simply start to paint it onto the car. Again, the write up can also be viewed on my website below. Rust-Oleum® Vinyl Wrap is a removable coating that provides infinite customization for automotive and other applications. To not have to pay someone else to do it! below are picture of my 73 standard with rustoleum paint job, sunrise red, with a clear coat a couple layers of sunrise red (sanded a few high spots) and a couple more of clear coat. Oct 15, 2020 - Explore Ross Anderson's board "Rustoleum car paint", followed by 328 people on Pinterest. Not too mention a very sharp looking freshly painted car. Sanded down the hood and roof a little to flatten out the wonderful 90's era flaking paint. But man, it was SUPER hard to keep clean. WARNING: you'll then need to put some sort of protectant on the rubber to keep it from drying/disintegrating. the bad thing about this paint is its relatively soft, so it easy to chip or scratch off. For large, even flat spots such as the hood or the trunk you will want to get a lot of paint on the brush. (sills etc) Im not familiar with that paint but it sounds wrong, wrong, wrong.LOL. Are you changing colors? When we got this S130 from Eastern Washington, it just cried out for a Rustoleum gloss black conversion. Paint trays - 3 ea. Most shops spend $500-800 on just the paint and materials and charge $2000-$3000 for a typical paint job. This surface should be perfectly flat before clear to provide the "shine" to the clear coat. If you find any, spray them with a quick coat of the spray primer. = $3.95 Again, is this a method you would use on a rare collector car? Should you do this to the old beater VW Beetle you have out back? With this paint job it would be too easy to sand through the paint with an electric sander. How are you supposed to go to the shop? One of the best things about this is that it is very inexpensive. See more ideas about rustoleum car paint, car painting, rustoleum. That was the purpose of doing this myself! If the Poor Mans Paint Job is performed correctly, it will help to lessen the amount of sanding involved with an at home auto paint job like this. For quick demonstration of the idea I completed the hood of the car in 7 days from start to finish, including letting the paint cure for the last 2 days in the sun. I, … Recently I bought NEW International red and gloss clear coat. My final result is absolutely amazing. Building Giant Articulated Hands (carved From Wood for Social Distancing). Am I happy, yes! Like between the fender and door, or the door and the roof. It provides a smooth, glossy finish with premium performance and protection from road debris and gasoline. Reply Please also see step 5, "downsides and drawbacks" before making your decision to try this at home. If you do the rustoleum now and if your car is ever to be repainted in the future, it will have to be totally stripped. Make sure to lay down enough coats throughout the procedure to be able to sand at the end if you like. wet sanded the clear coat with 1200 grit and them used meguiars ultimate compound then waxed the whole car even with dirt on it, it still shines I figured since the Corvair is not in line to be professionally painted, I'd give it a try. Even if the paint does chip, fade or crack within a year, I'll just throw another coat on and perhaps improve the prep work to help avoid it happenign again. It offers maximum coverage, so you get plenty of paint for your money. This Clear Coat is extremely hard to shoot. You can clear coat anything. Then move to three if need be. Too thin and you will have drips all over your car which will only add to the sanding work we are trying to avoid. Obviously, it worked well enough for me. Its a great car (not a show car)but the clear coat had started to peel. Oh, BTW, this works so great in the NW because it rains so much. I found the best way to do this was to pour half of the paint can into another container. I used regular old Rustoleum. You have to lay on a thick coat in order to get a High Gloss Finish, but this stuff is so thin the chance of getting drips is … Once you get the HLVP Gun spraying correctly and start shooting you do not have much margin for error. I'm not sure they had an automotive paint option when I first did this! Sorry! Be sure to use a rustoleum clear coat. Total: $74.74 Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. This will produce a product with the consistency of milk. Please, read this write up in its entirety and ask any questions you may have before jumping into the project. I thinned 50/50 with mineral spirits. Hey what kind of rustoleum paint did you use? The bumpers because they have a few "style indents" in them that I wanted to be able to paint in a horizontal manner as opposed to vertically while mounted to the car. If you are going to tackle an SUV or large truck, you might need four or even more to finish the job. This will help to further remove any impurities from the paint's surface giving you a clean slate to work with. Lay down three coats of paint this way allowing at least 6 hours of dry time between coats. The $50 Paint Job . It is wise to paint each coat in the same manner to make sure you do not lose track of where you have laid paint already. DISCLAIMER: I am in no way responsible for the results of this project when tried at home by you. As you can see I spent very little on the project. I looked up high gloss and there’s protective enamel paint, there’s automotive paint etc. Essentially it was a clockwise circle around the car starting at the passenger side of the hood. Grainger carries a large variety of auto body paints and primers from brands you know and trust. It is often a step in polishing cars and other items. Sorry, also wanted to ask if it's ok to use an electric sander as long as it's wet sanded? I have been told that the paint will chalk, chip and fade all within a year. If you see areas with a bit of dripping, sagging or any other mess, just sand them down accordingly. For large areas of the car I used a 4" brush to apply the paint. The spray can of RUST-OLEUM PAINTER'S Touch clearly states, on the back of the can: "APPLY SECOND COAT WITHIN 1 HOUR OR AFTER 48 HOURS" - not 24 hours, as you had indicated! (Pic 2) I took off my bumpers and side mirrors as well. Below is a list of everything I needed to get my car painted. With the brush you get a lot more control of how much paint is applied and where. What did it cost and what results have you seen? No worries, I saw after I posted how old the post was from. The original paint is blue/green (if it was the grass green, I'd leave it). It is however an excellent method to bring some life back to your car at a very reasonable price. This method of paint at home application relies very much so on the methods seen in other online auto paint how-to's, but uses a different paint application technique in order to lessen the amount of sanding involved. The mix should be 50% paint and 50% mineral spirits. = $3.95 Paint trays - 3 ea. (Pic 3) Any trim pieces that do not easily remove you can tape up with the painter's tape. Now that everything has been properly prepped we can get to work on the paint itself. This is to include headlights, tail lights, trim pieces and more depending on the car. I finished the final coat at about 6:00pm and began putting the car back together the next morning at 10:00am.If you are not happy with the look, continue to sand the paint progressively increasing the paper grit. I would reccommend trying this on a test piece such as an old fender or maybe even your lawn mower before attempting to paint your car with this method. Did you make this project? Concerning your color question of course a primer coat is recommended for the best finish. First, you will need to purchase all of the materials needed to complete this job. This method uses a high density foam brush as opposed to those other methods, resulting in a lot less sanding to finish the job. 9 years ago And you need to color sand the BASE coat. First, wash the car and all pieces to be painted real well to remove any loose dirt. Your only break points should be at the edge of the car's body. After it was all said and done I had about 10 days worth of work or a total of 40 hours into this job. I let the color cure for days before clear coating and it was ok. Now it even ruins paint jobs after sitting and curing for a minimum of 2 weeks! (Pics 1 & 2)Here is a link to a video of me laying down some paint to help illustrate the technique. But using a premixed factory match color in an aerosol can is a viable way for the do-it-yourselfer to finish up scratches, rust outs, color-match spoilers and trim, or go for the 1980s-perfect monochrome Euro look from wiper arms and mouldings out to the wheel centers. But if you are doing this in warm weather, you should easily be able to get 2 coats on the car in one day with an early start. 6 months ago. It is not the best video, but it should help you grasp the process better. If you're using a compressor and spray gun and thinning with acetone usually 24 hours at 70 is fine. I have seen plenty of people paint their car at home with a foam roller brush, with good results. I used Rustoleum 2x paint + primer, and Dupli-Color Perfect Match as the clear coat.Someone replied saying I shouldn't have used that on top of the Rustoleum? How to Mix and Spray Rustoleum Paint for a Budget Paint Job Oh, there will be some sanding involved, but we will try to keep it to a minimum. (Pics 3 & 4)At this point you should be done! I've seen it happen many times. Once the sanding is complete you will need to look for any spots where the paint has chipped off or the sanding has exposed some of your base metal. If you are thinking of getting a professional paint job on your car in the future after having done this to it, perhaps you should seek some knowledge from the paint shop first. I've seen it happen many times. Everything that is going to be painted needs to be wet sanded with 600 grit sand paper. The product is designed for application over a factory-applied finish or in conjunction with Duplicolor Perfect Match Premium Automotive Paint. By design, acrylic paints have an understated appearance that, when paired with a glossy clear coat, give off an air of classy refinement. I had about 12 hours between coats. Sorry for the delay in response! on Introduction, Question Here's how! It was gloss originally and then I repainted it matte. A small price to pay for a $75.00 paint job! Give everything a good wet sand session again at 600 grit. Why does my 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee keep needing to be jumped? I found that the roller applied too much paint at once, leading to the need to sand heavily between coats. Keep in mind that this is what worked out best for me and my car. I have searched the forum and not found an answer, so - Can I spray an Acrylic Enamel auto paint (lower end stuff like Kirker) over the Rustoleum Automotive Self-Etching Primer that … I would say that two or three quarts of paint is all that you will need. 800 or 1000 will do. As long as you apply the paint at the same Timerate you will get the same results using a brush or roller. I'm buying a '95 Honda Del Sol tomorrow and it needs a paint job and has a few spits where the original paint is scratched or just missing. If you were looking a cheap affordable people mover would u buy a van for $1300 if you had to unplug the battery at the end of the day? To apply a clear base coat paint job to your car, wash the car with soap and water, and use a lint-free towel to dry the car completely. Are you happy with the look after 2 coats? Once everything is removed, you can really get to work. Except once I was done with one side of the hood or the roof, I jumped to the other side to finish. It is as thin as water or less. I want to paint it Tennessee Orange. No. First, lay on some paint, pretty thick, to an area. Just use the weight of the brush itself and slowly glide over the paint making sure to always stroke in the same direction. Yes, there are some spots that are not perfect... but for $74.74?? I have also been told that if you want to seek a professional paint job after having performed this paint job on your car, you will need to have all of the Rustoleum stripped off completely before the new paint can be applied.